A Retrieved Reformation. N THE PRISON SHOE-SHOP, JIMMY VALENTINE was busily at work making shoes. A prison officer came into the shop, and led. A Retrieved Reformation. O. Henry. A guard came to the prison shoe-shop, where Jimmy Valentine was assiduously stitching uppers, and escorted him to the. some people, if they're lucky, are given a chance to redeem themselves. In “A Retrieved Reformation,” a man has the opportunity to change his scheming ways.

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A Retrieved Reformation by O. Henry. Margin Notes. (1). A guard came to the prison shoe-shop, where Jimmy. Valentine was assiduously1 stitching uppers, and. Complete summary of O. Henry's A Retrieved Reformation. eNotes plot summaries cover all the Synopsis. print Print; document PDF. This Page Only · Entire. Need help with A Retrieved Reformation in O. Henry's A Retrieved Get the entire A Retrieved Reformation LitChart as a printable PDF.

The officer told Valentine that it was his chance t become a better person. When Jimmy found himself in freedom the first thing he did was have a good dinner; then he went to his former room where he found his dust-covered bag with the tools to open the safes.

These were special tools, he made them himself. Town after town he went and broke open the safes, taking money away.

A Retrieved Reformation

Ben Price , a cop, who knew Valentine and his way of breaking, took the case and promised to catch the breaker. Jimmy meanwhile settled in a small town Elmore. He said he was Ralph Spencer. There he opened a business — shoes-making. He had his own shop and everything was good.

Almost a year Jimmy led quiet life and was going to marry Annabel, so decided to give his tools to his Old Friend. He wrote a letter and wanted to meet the Old Friend to hand him the tools.

Right after the letter was received Ben Price came to Elmore. Unbeknownst to Valentine at that time, Price has witnessed the whole incident. Valentine starts to leave the bank afterwards, and he sees Price standing by the door.

Sheepishly, he gives himself up, but much to his surprise, Price pretends not to recognize him and walks away.

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A Retrieved Reformation

This page was last edited on 15 April , at By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. United States.Henry wanted to believe they he could readers are intended to feel the same. Jimmy is transformed by his love for Annabel and has no intention of ever robbing another safe—yet he still subtly hints at crime in his letter to Billy and has no problem gifting him his tools so that he can use them to rob people.

Mike asks Jimmy where he is headed, and Jimmy playfully responds, claiming to be a representative for an imaginary company. Spencer passed away and Jimmy Valentine took his place.

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Clearly, although Jimmy appears on the surface to be reformed he works an honest job, after all , he remains unremorseful for his criminal acts. Jimmy takes pride in his job as a safecracker, and his tools are evidence of that.

Adams engages Ralph , bragging about his new safe, Ben Price walks undetected into the bank. He abandons his plan to rob the bank in Elmore 2.

Jimmy disregards the beauty of nature around him and instead immediately finds a restaurant to indulge in food, wine, and a good cigar.