Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Jay McGavren was doing automation for a hotel services Head First Ruby: A Brain-Friendly Guide 1st Edition, site Edition. by. Read "Head First Ruby A Brain-Friendly Guide" by Jay McGavren available from Rakuten Kobo. Sign up today and get $5 off your first download. What will you. Read "Head First Ruby A Brain-Friendly Guide" by Jay McGavren available from Rakuten Kobo. What will you learn from this book? What's all the buzz about.

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Based on the latest research in cognitive science and learning theory, Head First Ruby uses a visually rich format to engage your mind, rather than a text-heavy. Compre Head First Ruby: A Brain-Friendly Guide (English Edition) de Jay McGavren na pawnfacumapbma.ga Confira também os eBooks mais vendidos. This is the official website for Head First Ruby, written by Jay McGavren and published by O'Reilly Media. You'll find sample code from the book here, as well as.

And the copies are starting to fall out of sync—some are fine, while others have bugs. Fewer copies means fewer maintenance headaches!

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If you call certain instance methods before adding data, an error will be raised that will bring your whole program to a screeching halt. Lists of addresses. Lists of phone numbers.

Lists of products. Matz, the creator of Ruby, knew this. So he worked really hard to make sure that working with lists in Ruby is really easy. First, he ensured that arrays, which keep track of lists in Ruby, have lots of powerful methods to do almost anything you might need with a list.

Second, he realized that writing code to loop over a list to do something with each item, although tedious, is something developers were doing a lot. So he added blocks to the language, and removed the need for all that looping code. What is a block, exactly? Read on to find out Chapter 6 Code Samples More Exercises Up until now, you've just seen methods handing data off to a block, and expecting the block to handle everything. But a block can also return data to the method.

This feature lets the method get directions from the block, allowing it to do more of the work. In both cases, you start at the beginning of the array, and look through Every. What if there were a kind of collection where all the data had labels on it?

You could quickly find the elements you needed! You probably had a hard time sorting out the confusion that ensued. Well, Ruby objects are just like those contacts in your address book, and calling methods on them is like sending messages to them.

This chapter will help you recognize the signs that this is happening, and help you get your programs running smoothly again. But what if you need to share several sets of behavior across several classes? Like methods for starting a battery charge cycle and reporting its charge level—you might need those methods on phones, power drills, and electric cars. Are you going to create a single superclass for all of those?

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Or methods for starting and stopping a motor. They forget to care about whether the makers of the tools are friendly or helpful human beings.

But tools are made by people, and people are flawed. The flaws of their tools reflect their own flaws. Put differently, if people who dislike other people make tools, then their tools will tend to disregard people or even treat them poorly, as a second thought.

I believe Ruby is a beacon in a sea of tools designed to achieve an end at whatever human cost. We spend far more time stressing out about operations, support, building course content, designing the best software we can for our users, and communicating with each other.

I wish the kinds of programming joys I experience daily to everyone who wants to learn how to build good, sustainable, satisfying software that focuses on helping human beings learn more and build better tools. I think Head First Ruby is a good place to start. You can download the early release ebook version if you want to start reading today.

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It will be updated once the book is published.Scott Murray. Lorenzo Bettini.

Before you sent that new version to your users, you presumably tried out the new features to ensure they all worked. IronRuby Unleashed, e-Pub.

Ruby Pocket Reference. Head First Python.

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