SAMPLE RTI APPLICATION FORM. To,. The Public information Officer. PIN: Sir,. Subject: Request for Information under Right to Information Act I Sri / Smt. Application form for obtaining Information. I.D. No. (For office use). To. The Public Information Officer,. (Department/Office). - ci m. Name of the applicant. Form – 1. [See rule 4(1)]. Application form under Right to Information Act, I.D. N O.______ (For official use). D ate.

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Note: Strike out whichever not applicable. Select either CPIO (Central Public Information Officer) or SPIO (State Public Information Officer) in your application. RTI Forms. Home. Information Application (RTI). English English · Sinhala Sinhala · Tamil Tamil Register of Information Requests (RTI). English English Extension of time period to provide information (RTI). English English. RTI Application Form. FORM 'A'. See Rule 3(1). I. D. No .. (For Office Use Only). To. The Public Information Officer/. Assistant Public Information Officer.

The applicant address must be included in the RTI forms for a reply to be sent.

Only the necessary personal details of the applicant are required for a reply. No other information needs to be mentioned or called for by the PIO, thus protecting your rights as a citizen.

The format and language which is acceptable, may change, however. Use an easily understandable subject title.

Step 2: Choose the Department Try to identify the public authority you want information from. Subjects may fall under the State governments or local panchayat or the Central government.

RTI Application Form

You can search the government websites or visit the nearest office for enquiries. Do note: That failing to address it to the right department will result in your RTI query being rejected. So ensure you do your research and address the right authority.

But remember to write the correct question and be very specific. Any wrong question or lack of clear details as to what information is exactly required, will result in rejection of the RTI request.

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Details of PIOs and Appellate Authorities can be obtained on telephone or by visiting the respective office. Clearly write the correct name and address of the office from which you need information. Addressing to the wrong PIO may lead to rejection or delayed response. Step 5: Procedure for Submitting RTI Forms RTI applications need to be submitted according to the procedure in the RTI rules, as follows: Specific details and documents in your request: Ask your request in the form of detailed yet specific questions, and also mention the period your request is being made for - like year, month etc.

How to get the text of the RTI Act? The Web site persmin.

Each public authority must designate a PIO at every administrative unit or office under it to provide information to citizens under the RTI. The process of designating such officers is on and, by October 12, , a PIO must be in place in almost all the offices of the public authorities.

It is possible that a designated PIO may not have the information requested for readily available.

In that case, he may seek the assistance of any other officer and inform the person requesting the information accordingly. The RTI says that any officer, whose assistance has been sought by the PIO for the proper discharge of his or her duties, shall render all assistance and for the purpose of contraventions of the provisions of this Act, such other officer shall be treated as a PIO.

How to file an RTI Application ?

What information can a PIO refuse to give? These include Cabinet papers, information received in confidence from foreign governments, information prejudicial to security, strategic, scientific or economic interests of the country, breach of privilege of legislatures, etc. The central intelligence agencies need not give information, except on matters pertaining to allegations of corruption or human rights violations. Can a PIO provide only partial information?Indian legislation.

You can also share tips for filing such applications. You will receive an e-mail and SMS on submission of your application.

How to fill and Submit RTI Forms - Simple steps to follow:

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. This search will help you to select the correct public authority. The Web site persmin. But, as we know, government is a very powerful institution.