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Full 3d nature. Windows icloud backup. The wind's twelve quarters stories. Ebook animorphs bahasa indonesia. Bomberman sega download. Virgin media. ada yang tahu ebooks animorphs dalam bahasa indonesia? does anyone know ebooks anomorphs in indonesian language. Top. The Android was always one of my favorite Animorphs books when I was a kid because, even before . Shelves: read, ebook, science-fiction, young-adult .

Marco Plot: He has no scent! All highly suspicious! Let the sleuthing begin! Some more scouting has Marco and Tobias in bird morph see Erek Originally reviewed at thelibraryladies. Some more scouting has Marco and Tobias in bird morph see Erek get hit by a bus and then pop right up as if nothing had happened.

Even more amazing was the flicker they see, revealing a bizarre metallic body beneath what seems to be a hologram of some sort. What follows is the introduction of a completely new set of aliens into our growing catalog of interstellar life.

The Chee are the creation of an extinct species called the Pemalites, a technologically advanced, but peaceful, species that was wiped out when they were attached by another race. The last of their kind escaped to Earth where the Chee were able to somehow connect the remaining essense of their creators into the most similar species to be found on Earth: The result was the modern dog, the happy-go-lucky animals that share the same spirit as the lost Pemalites.

Now that the Yeerks are threatening Earth, the humans, and the dogs that contain all that remains of their creators, Erek and some other Chee wish to join the fight. And this is where the Animorphs come in. Turns out that the Yeerks have somehow acquired a Pemalites crystal that they are using to develop a super computer that will be able to take control of all the computers in the world. Further, this same crystal could be used by the Chee to re-write their programming and allow them to more actively join the fight.

All of this is enough motivation to get our heroes involved.

All of this to discover that once they get there, they have no way of carrying the crystal back. So, because no Animorph book can be completely without them all using their battle morphs, the team decide they must bash their way out.

This is…not successful. There was a reason they were told by the Chee that sneaking in was the best option. He is then able to re-write his programming and save the day by massacring the remaining Controllers.

But he discovers the price of this violence is too high, especially for an android whose memory is always clear, giving no relief or escape from these acts. The story ends with the Chee offering to help by providing information as they can, but refusing to take the crystal.

Marco and Jake have a final moment on the beach with Homer and some other dogs where, majestically, Homer carries off the crystal to be lost in the ocean.

The end. The Comic Relief: Marco is definitely my favorite narrator. His voice is the most distinct, and, especially as I re-read this series as an adult, he is the character I most relate to. Probably some of the least as far the series has gone so far. Usually the POV narrator has some distinct arc to go through.

He does have a strong reason though to have a very frank approach to getting the Chee involved in the fight. Not when their help could make the difference in this war and save his mother and humanity. When Cassie is blathering on and on about the wrongness of tainting the Chee species, Marco has this to say: All right? When the bad guys come after you, when they start the violence, they leave you no choice: And, funny, never forget funny.

Our Fearless Leader: Marco also mentions how much he appreciates the work that Jake does as a leader when they are all trapped in the building needing to decide how to break out. And Marco notes the strength it must take to always be in that role. Xena, Warriar Princess: In both of these examples, it is clear that Marco uses Rachel as a gauge upon which to judge his reaction to an event. Ugh, poor Tobias!

Again he is completely side-lined from the action in this book, especially the last half. Peace, Love, and Animals: Effectively guilting him out of it. Still, a vast improvement over her ridiculous anger in the last book. Body Horror Moment: We learn an important fact about morphing in this book that will come up again in a future book in a big way, if I remember correctly. Disgusting and also incredibly nerve-wracking as Marco notes the freakiness of the fact that these blogs could be hit by a passing space ship at any time.

Thanks Ax. Couples Watch!: This is a first I think! But, guess it makes sense. So, the scene between Marco and his Dad. Never fighting, completely in love. Marco sees this story for what it really means. The Yeerk has no reason to involve itself in petting marital spats, preferring a simple home life to focus on its own work.

The whole thing is so tragic. The real struggle, and likely high price that was paid, by his Mom to deliver the warning. What a Terrible Plan, Guys!: Marco notes how the original plan to infiltrate the Yeerk base to get the crystal was supposed to be a week away, giving them time to practice their bat morph and better prepare. But Erek discovers that the Yeerks are working to make the base even more well-protected, forcing the team to need to jump into action immediately.

Favorite Quote: I knew it was something.

Way tall. A solid Marco book! Feb 10, Matt Mazenauer rated it really liked it. I remember being so frustrated by this pacifist race as a child, but re-reading it as an adult I can appreciate it more. Now I wish they had spent more time with their horror at unlocking their capacity for war, but this would have further frustrated child me so I can see why they didn't.

Sep 09, Sarah rated it it was amazing Shelves: I think this is my favorite one so far. Mar 03, Mariam rated it it was amazing Shelves: Man, these books do raise some really hard moral and ethical questions. Feb 13, Erin rated it really liked it Shelves: Sarcasm aside and let's face it, I've already read most of the series so these books don't hold many surprises for me anyway , this is yet another one of those books that establishes important plot points or worldbuilding details, but which I somehow managed to miss the first time around, only picking up said details later from recaps in subsequent books.

This is the one where we first meet the Chee, though, and there's quite a bit of interesting commentary on the nature of and justification for violence. While the Chee genuinely do want to help in the war, their programming strictly prohibits violence and we find out later that there is very good reason for that.

Even so, though, there's a lot of back-and-forth regarding how ethical it would be to give them the means to reprogram themselves, or for that matter how ethical it is on the Chee's part to be sitting on the sidelines doing nothing while others are being slaughtered and enslaved. Chee do not hurt. Chee do not kill. No Chee has ever taken a life. Would you end all that? Would you make us killers, too? Our parents, our brothers and sisters, our friends—they are all going to be slaves of the Yeerks, if we don't win.

So I'll do whatever it takes. If you'd fought all those thousands of years ago, the Pemalites would still be alive. And you wouldn't be living with dogs in a big underground kennel. There are some among them who take Yeerks into their heads, feeding them on their own internally-generated Kandrona, in a state of complete immobilization and sensory deprivation, and hold them there indefinitely.

Even Marco is disturbed at this notion, which by any measure amounts to serious abuses of prisoners of war, and even this early in the series we've already started to get a more nuanced view of the Yeerks and learned that some of them at the very least are capable of caring for each other. Then, there were the profound psychological effects; the human brain frequently copes with trauma by simply forgetting the memories or erasing the details, something that, as an android, Erek can't do.

In Cassie's words, he may have saved their lives, but in return, he sold his soul. Yeah, by all means, do not interfere with developing civilizations; after all, that's exactly how Seerow messed up the Yeerks, but It just seems like sort of a silly point to get stuck on, is all, given some of the far more compelling talking points that were available regarding individual choice versus the cultural obligation to one's people, cultural obligation versus the ethical obligation to the peoples who are dying or being enslaved right under your nose, how far pacifism can ethically be taken in a universe that's by its very nature incredibly violent and unfair All that, and instead you got stuck blathering on about the Prime Directive?

Apr 03, Stephanie rated it really liked it Shelves: How come I didn't really remember the tough exchanges like the last quote under the cut from when I read these books as a kid? Mostly I just remembered the morphing, the fighting of the Yeerks, among a few other details, but not just how much time is spent on the emotional impact all of this fighting has on the Animorphs.

Regular nightmares, the horrible things they see and even do, all to protect humanity. These books really do have more depth and potential for discussion than many children's b How come I didn't really remember the tough exchanges like the last quote under the cut from when I read these books as a kid?

These books really do have more depth and potential for discussion than many children's books, and are so very worth the read. Marco is writing his English paper during lunch before class: That's mostly what a person looks like from a hundred feet up. A hair oval.

I have never felt as totally alive as when I'm in a hawk morph. Tobias doesn't have it all that bad, in some ways. There are so many worse animals to be. I could feel the rate flowing through me, the blind, violent rage that became little films in my head -- little head-movies of revenge and destruction. I pictured the things I would do to Tom I would do terrible things to them. Terrible, violent things. It was a sick feeling. It was sick, and I knew it, and yet I ran those images over and over in my head.

Rage is addictive, you know. I guess it's sorta like a drug. Anger and hatred get you high. They get you high, but like any addiction, they hollow you out and tear you down and eat you alive. I guess I knew all that. But all I could think of was that they were not getting my father.

So I ran the scenes of violence over and over in my head. I rode that rush of fury till at last it burned itself out and left me feeling empty and beaten. Then, as an afterthought, she brushed off her knees. I looked up in surprise.

He was in the tree above me. I hadn't heard him arrive. Cassie shrugged. He has a right to be a hawk. Happy now? Falcons rule. I am frightened, too. I don't really like morphing tiny animals. I keep thinking about all the rest of my mass. That's what troubles me about doing small morphs.

It very seldom happens. The odds are millions to one. But it could happen. About a spaceship "disintegrating" some big was of our mass. It was not a pretty picture. To tell us everything you know? In the future, don't tell us things that will scare us silly just as we're going into possible battle.

I was just letting the spider be a spider. I felt a wave of guilt and shame suddenly swell up inside me. Who cares? Come on, we have a job to do. I didn't ask him what he meant. Why had I gotten so into the hunt? Why hadn't I resisted the urge? I flashed on the rage I'd felt when I talked to Tom. Was that it? Private, which is like whispering right in one person's ear, and public, which is like yelling.

Frustration, see, because the Chee who passed as Erek's father had her in a full nelson. His human-holograph arms were wrapped around the unbelievably massive shoulders of the grizzly, and he was actually holding the great bear still.

He had pinned a grizzly so powerful it could literally turn a Toyota into an aluminum can. He looked at me with holographic human eyes. Maybe he had to choose to make them cry. Maybe he had to choose to give them that empty, hollow look.

I don't know what that connection is between the android Chee and his projected human body. But his expression answered my question.


Erek was not okay. I knew what he meant. See, win or lose, right or wrong, the memory of violence sits inside your head. It sits there, like some lump you can't quite swallow. It sits there, a black hole that darkens hope, and eats away at everyday happiness like a cancer.

It's the shadow you take into your own heart and try to live with. Jun 24, Faye rated it really liked it Shelves: Marco's narration. This one's pretty sad so I guess I'll try not to cry, hahajk. Well there is something chill with Marco's way of narrating. I really like his narration. I mean, Tobias might be my favorite but Marco's narrations are hella. I'm not gonna do a review for this, just a compilation of stuffs. Then, there's Rachel-who-thinksshe's-Xena. She was standing in the middle of the barn floor, looking immaculate, as usual.

Rachel is one of those girls Marco's narration. Rachel is one of those girls from the cover of Seventeen. Beautiful, fashionable, way too tall, far too many bright white teeth, massive quantities of very clean blond hair.

But beneath all that fashionable clothing and perfectly applied makeup there is a sword-swinging site warrior just trying to break out. Rachel's like one of those terrible elf-maidens in Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings - beautiful and dangerous.

Rachel, standing in the middle of the room, looking like someone was shining a spotlight on her. Marco describes Cassie: Cassie, the tree-hugger. Cassie actually experiences normal human emotions like fear and doubt. Cassie has never met a dress she liked. She does not subscribe to Teen or YM. She's much more likely to download a magazine like Smelly Animals of America.

The Animorphs Fan Forum

Cassie is our animal expert, and our resident ecology nut. I'd say she likes animals better than she likes people, except that she really likes Jake. As in likes. Marco describes Tobias: And there's Tobias, the Bird-boy. Tobias had his talons sunk deep into the wood to give himself a firm hold. And with his hooked beak he was preening the feathers of his right wing. Tobias is a red-tailed hawk.

That's what he's been since he stayed too long in morph. He lives as a hawk now, mostly. I mean, he hunts and eats like a hawk. Marco describes Jake: And of course, our fearless leader, my boy, Jake. My way-too serious best friend Jake. Responsible, practically adult Jake. Jake may be responsible and all, but he isn't a total forty-year-old. Marco describes Jake x Cassie: Actually, she and Jake like each other, although neither of them will admit it, of course.

The only time they'll act that way is when we're about twelve seconds away from doing something insanely dangerous.

Then they'll kind of give each other these pathetic sad looks. It's so lame. Marco describes Prince Elfangor: It was one dying, doomed Andalite who gave us our power to acquire the DNA of any animal and then to become that animal. His name was Elfangor. He, and a lot of other Andalites, died trying to save Earth from the Yeerks. Marco describes Ax: And Ax, our resident Andalite. Marco describes himself: Well, there's me, Marco the Magnificent.

Marco's views: I don't want the others to know. I don't want their pity. The universe has its heroes, too. So for him, and for all the people of Earth, we fight, hoping to slow the Yeerks down enough so that the Andalites will have a chance to come again and save us all. That could be the theme song for dogs. Dogs just want to have fun. Does Spider-man? I don't think so.

What do you mean, do I have a topic? I'm going to just write until I discover a topic. The topic will rise from these pages. It will reveal itself to me. I just have to keep writing. See, this is why guys and girls should not be in combat together. Because it's much harder for a guy to be a coward when some girl is watching. Especially when she's all gung ho. If it had just been Jake and Tobias, I'd have been weeping and groveling on the ground. Not in the natural world. About where the mass goes when they morph: When you morph something smaller than yourself, your body mass must go somewhere.

So it goes into Zero-space. Zero-space is the space that ships travel through when they are going faster than light. It's not very likely to happen, but sometimes a ship traveling in Z-space will intersect with a temporarily parked mass. Are you telling me that when we get small, all the leftover. Where did you think all the mass went? And it's possible some spaceship will zoom along and hit it and splatter it all over? Ax turned his head toward me, making eye contact with his main eyes.

I shrugged. I try and forget. And after a while, the nightmares don't happen as much. He made a bitter, ruined smile. I can never forget. Mar 12, Whitney rated it liked it Shelves: An old classmate of Marco's gains the interest of the Animorphs after they spot him hanging around The Sharing, the "club" that's a front for the Yeerk's recruitment program.

There's something not quite right going on with Erek, Marco's classmate, and it's up to him and the rest of the Animorphs to find out what's what. I suppose one could look at this book as one of the more idea-oriented ones in the series, as opposed to action-oriented. Writing The writing was good as usual. Unfortunately, the pacing for The Android is… eh.

And, ten books in, the beginnings of the books are starting to feel tedious to get through. Characters I think The Android is the first book where the reader really sees how Marco treats his family versus the other Animorphs. Marco is the only one of the humans in the group that has lost a part of their family and only has one part left.

Things I Liked I liked the idea behind the Chee. Things I Didn't Like The repetitive introductions are still killing me. Diversity Two girls: With six characters, that brings means half of the cast is non-white.

Overall Once I got past the first fourth of the book, the story picked up and I was once again happily in the exciting world of the Animorphs. Here is a link to my notes.

May 05, Deviki rated it it was amazing Shelves: I think he is really entertaining to read about. They decide to infiltrate the Yeerk pool and rescue her. Meanwhile, Ax falls ill with a deadly Andalite infection called yamphut, and it infects the other Animorphs as well. Cassie is left to infiltrate the Yeerk pool and rescue Aftran all by herself, and by the way also needs to perf Brought to you by The Moonlight Library!

Cassie is left to infiltrate the Yeerk pool and rescue Aftran all by herself, and by the way also needs to perform brain surgery on Ax to save his life. Out of the ghost written books, this is one of the better ones.

As the Animorphs start dropping like the five little monkeys jumping on the bed, the leadership is handed from morpher to morpher. That being said, she manages to efficiently and dangerously rescue Aftran single-handedly and get them both out fo the Yeerk pool alive only to race home and perform brain surgery on a dying alien. Basically, Cassie is at her best in this book. She tends to do well when the leadership role is forced upon her.

Even though Cassie was annoying in some of the earlier books with her moralising and navel-gazing, when she needs to take action she shines pretty brightly. Also, she makes the two biggest decisions in the entire series that pretty much change the whole game. PS — the ghost writer for this book was the same author that wrote the Roswell books! View all 7 comments. May 20, Jenny Clark rated it really liked it Shelves: So, this is another one I remember vaguely from childhood.

I knew how Aftran's story ended! I enjoyed this one a good bit. It wrapped up an otherwise open plot point, which is pretty cool in a series this long. There was a lot of action in this one. The stakes keeping getting higher and higher. One question I have- I know the series takes place over 3 years, and the kids are 16 at the enhighd, so shouldn't they be in high school by now? They should be 14 at this point, I should think, si So, this is another one I remember vaguely from childhood.

They should be 14 at this point, I should think, since it's over halfway in the series Jan 23, Alan Gilfoy rated it it was amazing. I'm used to Rachel musing about her violent nature; Cassie wondering how peaceful she really is was an interesting analogue to that.

Cassie's sympathy for Yeerk sensory deprivation added something to the usual intro. Ax relishing the sensation of human morph was an interesting analogy that I'm glad Cassie brought up. I figured it was foreshadowing of Yeerks morphing. The dance was comic relief. The main relat "Great character dynamics and action" This book represented Cassie's personality very well. The main relationship development was that being liked by Jake helped Cassie feel good.

Marco was right, something serious happened when they tried to do something fun. At least Tidwell's interference was serious help rather than a just a convenient distraction or willfull ignorance on the part of observers.

The series often seems to be guilty of plot holes of the latter variety. It was clear that Illim became Tidwell's main companion. I took Tidwell's story as a reminder of why people were susceptible to The Sharing. I can see how Marco thinks it's a trap to lure them in deeper, create a false sense of security.

It's a another reminder of how I identify with his character. Again, Cassie coached someone through a critical morph. So there is some literal water in this pool. How do the Yeerks get away with taking it from the grid? Controllers at a utility? The water version of stealing cable or other such services?

This all reminds me of the truck ship from 3 The Encounter. Maybe that couldn't make covert deliveries underground in an occupied area. Rachel calling eels in the pipe a water slide sounds like Marco rubbing off on her. Yamphut seeming flu-like may be a contrivance to hide evidence of aliens, but it's relatively believable, at least by the standards of this series. I could tell Cassie wouldn't be able to pull off the surgery by herself.

I'm reminded of a conversation about the series where it was said that 29 would have been an especially good time to tell the truth to the Animorphs' parents. Since that didn't happen here, I wonder how it was done. That could be used to catch other YPM members. However, none of them would know what Aftran and Illim would know. I assume Aftran was smart enough to not tell other YPM members too much - and Illim too, but he wouldn't yet have had time to talk anyway.

Since Visser Three wanted information, I can see how Aftran wasn't killed instantly, and the visser did hustle to take care of it. Often villains let heroes live in order to gloat and this backfires.

It was interesting to hear that Yeerks have some survivability in non-Kandrona water. I figured Yeerks might rush to grab a host, as we see with Cassie in morph.

I wonder how they go about getting a particular Yeerk for a particular host. The Yeerks would figure it out if someone gets the wrong host, so none of the slugs do that on purpose. Aftran as a whale nothlit would have been a surprise without hindsight, so that seems well-written. Yes, that's a very good idea all around. This is one of the few times he's been alluded to since the trilogy was wrapped up. This book showed team dynamics via the lack thereof.

May 03, Ben Babcock rated it really liked it Shelves: A sequel to The Departure , The Sickness moves forward the Yeerk peace movement subplot. She is boss mode. I mean, if Cassie had been any more successful, she would be a Mary Sue. Not only does she infiltrate the Yeerk Pool, without any backup, by hosting a sympathetic Yeerk, rescue Aftran, evade capture, and make it out alive … then she proceeds to perform brain A sequel to Not only does she infiltrate the Yeerk Pool, without any backup, by hosting a sympathetic Yeerk, rescue Aftran, evade capture, and make it out alive … then she proceeds to perform brain surgery on an Andalite without killing him.

So … yeah. That might be the best plot summary of an Animorphs book in a long time. Not to mention, Cassie has the most adorable attitude while doing it: The stakes are incredibly high: The Howler thing practically tore her up inside.

And Marco is getting really insensitive with his jibes. So when Cassie has to step up, she does so in a big way, because she is ever the reluctant Animorph these days. And there are no thanks for her, no awards, of course, because this is a secret war.

This book does a great job of describing the pressure a lone soldier can feel when an important mission hinges on their success. I also love the ending. I think the way they manage to save Aftran without compromising another human being is excellent. Not only do they foreshadow it during the usual start-of-book exposition, but it has a kind of romantic righteousness to it. Of course this is how morphing technology could be used to end things. But … but … the best thing about this book is, bar none, the ongoing developments in the Cake relationship.

But the way that they are so sweet on each other is lovely here … and it is heartbreaking at the same time, this being my second read-through of the series, because we know what is coming.

While I have no clear memories of any specifics from the finale, I know that it does not end well for Cake—and in retrospect, that makes sense. But in the here and now, things seem to be going so well. Oh, young, starcrossed lovers…. My reviews of Animorphs: The Experiment Megamorphs 3: Oct 06, Nikki rated it it was amazing. I always love seeing Cassie take charge, because I know it's something she struggles with.

One of the better ghost written books for sure. Feb 26, Juushika rated it really liked it Shelves: Further, I'm not entirely convinced by the experience of a Yeerk morph, which is heavily informed by an instinctual desire to inhabit a host. Where's that gray area of sentient morphs, which are uncomfortably devoid of animal instinct?

I make these complaints because this book is inches from greatness, and I want it to reach that--but it's still so good. The illness B-plot is top grade tropey feels; Cassie's A-plot is punishing and engages all my symbiont feelings.

This book feels ghostwritten with love--Metz grabs on to interpersonal and worldbuilding elements that I really enjoy. And the ending left me teary-eyed. Jan 05, Odhran rated it liked it Shelves: Nothing to write home about. May 30, The Library Ladies rated it liked it Shelves: Full review here at the thelibraryladies. Cassie Plot: But I am happy to report… The story starts out with actually a fairly long portion of the kids in real life doing real kid things.

Like Cassie and Jake continuing to be ridiculous with their b Full review here at the thelibraryladies. Like Cassie and Jake continuing to be ridiculous with their burgeoning relationship when it comes to school and dances. With some kicks to the butt offered by Rachel, the team all end up at the dance with the various couples all pairing up.

As they dance, Rachel and Cassie notice Ax growing a sudden protuberance on his head: The group rush him out of the gym, all while frantically trying to cover up his emerging Andalite bits. Ax is also delirious and mumbling incoherently. In the hall, Ax makes a wild bolt for it just as Chapman and a teacher, Mr.

Tidwell, come around the corner. Tidwell takes one look at Ax and quickly tells Chapman that Ax must have been drinking, and crab-walks Ax back towards the group. The others grab Ax away as Marco and Rachel try to convince Tidwell that Ax is just sick and they need to take him home. Tidwell grabs Cassie and walks her back down the hall. There, he confesses that he knows Ax is an Andalite.

Tidwell is a Controller, but not just any Controller. He and the Yeerk in his head are part of the Yeerk Peace Movement organized by none other than Aftran, the Yeerk Cassie saved way back when.

But Aftran has been captured and Visser Three is on his way to interrogate her personally, likely exposing all of the Animorphs in the process. There, in a moment of clarity, Ax explains that Yamphut, a disease that infects the Tria gland in his brain and can cause it to explode. The only way to save him will be to remove the gland when his temperature goes back down.

Yamphut is also contagious to humans, but in them it just presents as a common flu. Cassie then also explains about Aftran. Marco and Rachel are particularly harsh about reminding her that it was her choice to give them all up to Aftran that lead them to being in this current situation. Marco has the idea to use the sewer system, reasoning that the Yeerk pool is like an entire city, so there must be plumbing connecting it to the outside world.

Tobias then comes up with the idea of using an eel morph and he retrieves one from a local bait shop that he knows of. In eel morph, the team rush down the pipes. Suddenly, Jake is sucked into the wrong pipe. Forming a line, the others manage to pull him back out. But they realize that something is wrong with him, that he has come down with the same sickness. After some debate about whether they should split up, they all decide they have to abort the mission.

They manage to ride the strongest currents they can find and end up getting shot out of a fire hose and into a burning building. There, they all de-morph and re-morph birds to escape. Jake, now violently sick, heads home with Cassie and Marco to help him. The next day at school, Rachel is no where to be found. Tidwell catches up with Cassie in the hall. Desperate, Cassie comes up with a new plan: On the way home, Marco, too, gets sick. But he also points out the one flaw: He then flies off to check on the other patients, which Cassie reads as him wanting to go check on Rachel.

Cassie picks him up and puts him in a cage, figuring that her parents will think they just have one more rescued animal. Cassie bikes to Mr. There she puts her plan in action.

Tidwell picks her up and put her to his ear where she slithers in. She connects to his brain and regains her senses. She also can see all of his memories and feels ashamed that she is essentially violating his privacy. She gains entrance and successfully gets past the security system. The Yeerk pool is as horrifying as ever. In the pool she is able to locate Aftran just as Visser Three arrives to collect her. She manages to demorph to human and then remorph as an osprey, the only bird morph she has that dives into water so can handle flying while wet.

She grabs Aftran and barely manages to escape the pool. Back at the barn, Ax has reached his crisis and Cassie must operate.

See a Problem?

Together, they are able to successfully remove the gland. Ax awakens just as Aftran exits and is horrified that he was infested.

But now Cassie has another challenge: A few days later, the team are all recovered and walking along the beach. Out in the ocean, a humpback whale leaps before heading out to sea. They all agree that they used the blue box the right way this time. They let Aftran gain morphing powers if she agreed to trap herself in a morph.

Aftran is now free. Peace, Love, and Animals: More so than most of the other characters, Cassie is probably the best character to describe what their lives are like as ordinary kids. Here, there were some very nice moments where Cassie was just an ordinary teenage girl, feeling awkward about her quasi-relationship with Jake and the fact that none of the girls at school know they are together or even believe it could ever be possible!

So small moments, like her pride when they dance together, are just very sweet. I also like the fact that we finally have circled back around to the aftermath of her decisions in book 19 when she left Aftran infest her and exposed them all. Here, she is much less confident that this was in fact the right choice.

She never outright regrets her decision in that book, but I like the fact that here she had to confront the reality of that choice a bit more head on. Also, when she is alone right before the mission, she is forced to leave Ax right before it seems like he is going to hit his crisis. She tells him that she has to save the group first, and tells Erek that if things go south, he has to just let Ax die rather than expose them.

Though, again, this calls into question my ongoing frustration with her character. I dunno.

Cover Animorphs Bahasa Indonesia

The idea of using Aftran to get a sense of things was great, but it still rested on her ability to pull it off.

Without Cassie, Ax definitely would have been done for, as no other member of this group could have done what she did here. Our Fearless Leader: Jake is out of commission very early in this book, which makes sense. In order to sow the most confusion, you have to take away calm, collected, Jake.

Xena, Warrior Princess: It also becomes clear that there is an unspoken hierarchy in leadership within the group.

When it first becomes clear that Jake is getting sick, Rachel immediately steps into the leadership role. When Ax gets sick at the school, while the others all fret about whether or not Mr.

Tillman saw him, Tobias is the one clearly most worried about just Ax, forget everything else. So leadership goes Jake, Rachel, Marco…? I put Marco and Rachel together because, as we see in her book, this is kind of a tough role for her to fill. But, it should be said, a big part of leadership is simply stepping up, unasked.

Tobias has done it in the examples I gave above. And Rachel does it here, and will do it later. The Comic Relief: He also comes up with the eel plan, which is clever, if not fully thought out. Poor Ax. Some gland becomes painful and if it bursts, bad things follow. Of course, the tension must be raised by placing this gland in his brain.

Imagine some teenage boy trying to tell a doctor how to operate on him for appendicitis! Ax is also completely horrified when he discovers Aftran in his head immediately after waking up; he even goes so far as to say he wishes Cassie had just let him die. Body Horror Moment: Cassie morphing the Yeerk was particularly bad.

She describes it as first having a layer of mucus ooze out of her pores until it covers her entire body, and then rest of her just kinds of melts away. Also, the process of infesting Mr.

Couples Watch!: Cassie also acknowledges the fairly official relationship status between Rachel and Tobias, hoping that they can get away to dance, too. He does make a very good point about osprey! I heard Visser Three roar. Not much! The scene of whale! Aftran was probably the most emotional bit of the book.

What a Terrible Plan, Guys!: There were some clever plans here, mostly Cassie coming up with the idea to use Yeerks as a morph to get into the pool, and then getting Aftran to help with the brain surgery.

But man, that eel morph plan was not well thought out. How exactly were they going to get out, and with Aftran in toe none the less?? Favorite Quote: In the very beginning, when Marco and the others are discussing just going to the dance like regular kids: Yeerks 6, Animorphs 12 No change!

The Yeerk Peace Movement is a good thing to now have, and maybe indirectly through Cassie and Aftran, the Animorphs are responsible for it, but not much. For the most part I did enjoy this book. I really liked the follow-up on the Aftran situation and the introduction of the Yeerk Peace Movement.

Cassie, too, has some good moments in this story. I do wonder at these choices to continue to give Cassie books where she is isolated from the rest of the team for some reason or another. Her narration is usually pretty straightforward and not very nuanced.

Obviously this is a story that had to belong to Cassie, and if it was the only example of her as an isolated character in these books, then fine. Aug 06, Julie Decker rated it it was amazing. Ax comes down with a terrible sickness, and since unlike humans he can't throw up, he ends up with a fatal swelling of one of his glands. While they wait for Ax to get to a certain body temperature so they can do brain surgery on him and save his life, they also get word that Aftran, the Yeerk Cassie formed an alliance with, has been found to be the founder of a Yeerk peace movement.

Delivering this news is Illim, a Yeerk who lives in one of their teachers, and he is also part of the peace movem Ax comes down with a terrible sickness, and since unlike humans he can't throw up, he ends up with a fatal swelling of one of his glands.

Delivering this news is Illim, a Yeerk who lives in one of their teachers, and he is also part of the peace movement. Cassie has to figure out a way to infiltrate the Yeerk pool and get Aftran out before Visser Three interrogates her and bares all their secrets. Their first group mission goes bad when Jake gets sick, and it turns out they have all been exposed to Ax's flu. One by one they all fall ill, except Cassie. She has to go on this mission alone, and does so by doing the unthinkable: Using the form of Illim, Cassie rescues her friend Aftran and rushes back in time to do brain surgery on Ax, but because she has no way of knowing Andalite brain structures, she needs Aftran's help to actually physically find the gland and cut it out.

They work together, and rescue Ax, but finally they have to figure out what to do to save Aftran for good, since in only three days she will die of Kandrona starvation. They come up with an elegant solution for her: My favorite lines: I'm not beautiful like Rachel.

And I admit I sometimes have a little bird poop on my jeans. A flying pig! Oh, sorry, my mistake. I thought for a minute I saw a flying pig. But I didn't. And that's the only time I would go out with you.

I wanted to know if you, you know, want to dance? But you cannot have my body. My bod. My bo. I mean, if some Hork-Bajir are going to burst in the door any second I might want to bake a cake or something. She had done what few have the strength to do. She had questioned the beliefs she had been raised with.

And ultimately, she had chosen to go against her society. To turn away from everything she had once believed, to become the enemy of those closest to her. Aug 14, Aurora Dimitre rated it it was amazing Shelves: I'll admit it - I didn't read all of the Animorphs books as a kid. I bought a few at thrift stores, random ones - I know I had a few of the Megamorphs books - and I checked the first three or four books out from the library.

After that, I just picked the Marco ones out of the long list of books, because Marco was the bomb, man. So, reading this? It was kind of a first-time read. I loved seeing the characters again, even if this was a Cassie book instead of, say, Marco, or Rachel, or anyone but Cassie.

I mean, Cassie's great, and now that I'm older I can definitely appreciate her character more than I did as a kid, but her POV does get a little old sometimes. But she's a great character. Overall, even though I didn't really get a lot of it because I, uh, didn't read most of the series, y'know, if it didn't have Marco and his dumb haircut on the front, I probably didn't read it, it was fun.

It's such a fun series. And even though it wasn't really a re-read, it definitely was nostalgia-inducing, because these characters, man. I love them. Childhood revisited for sure. Dec 16, Deviki rated it liked it Shelves: I might be one of those less popular people who likes reading Cassie's book. I feel like she may not be the most popular Animorph based on a lot of comments I read about her.

They don't hate her but they think she whines and too much of a tree huger. Oh well, I think Cassie is a great character sure she had made some very questionable choices before but I really think she is actually one of the strongest character. So right on with this book review. Now now I would like to rate this book higher I might be one of those less popular people who likes reading Cassie's book.

Now now I would like to rate this book higher but there is again some very controversial thing that comes with this story. Yep it was super over the top. I've mentioned this many times this series sometimes go way wayyyy over the top with logic and common sense, but this is takes the cake!! Alright alright I'm jumping wayyyy ahead. Let's do a proper review. The story stared with some cute scene. So it is mentioned that Cassie and Jake don't act like a normal couple therefore giving other girls in school the idea that Jake is "available" thank god for Rachel, she manage to chase away other girls out to "get on" with Jake.

So they all go to the school dance. All was fun until Ax starts to demorph and remorph suddenly in the open. Something was wrong with him and he was starting to get sicker by the minute. While the geng was trying to get him away from the public eye, they run into Chapman and Mr. The latter teacher tries to "handle" the situation from Chapman and pulls Cassie aside.

We later find out Mr. Tidwell is actually friends with Aftran the good Yeerk who informs her that Aftran has been captured by Visser Three. She will be tortured for information, which means Cassie's and the rest of the Animorphs secret is in jeopardy.

Of course, When Cassie tells them of their "new" problem, everyone blames Cassie for her actions. In this case, I too am mad at Cassie, sure she try to do a noble thing but like I've said before, she had good intention but sometimes her method are questionable!!

Her good intention now had bad consequences. Ax is totally sick is unable to join the mission, So with Erek's help they try to rescue Aftran via traveling in a piping system via eel morph to access the Yeerk Pool, unfortunately the virus that attacked Jake and the mission is mission is aborted. Slowly one by one of the Animorph falls ill and leaves Cassie on her own. LOL, Tobias gets locked up in the cage so that her father the vet, is able to care for him.

Not that Tobias is pleased about it LOL!! Not only does she have Ax to worry about she now also need to save Aftran before it's too late. Right now timing is everything!

Because if Cassie fails her mission, Animorph secret is revealed and Ax dies from his Virus infection. Having no choice, Cassie meets up with Mr. She gets into his head and starts to realize why a Yeerk is not so willing to let go of a host. She understand how the Yeerk functions inside a host and off they go to the Yeerk pool.

Here is where sheer good luck plays out on Cassie's favor. I say it as LUCK because there is so many ways this mission can go wrong. Everything Cassie does here is just good luck and good timing. The moment she found Aftran, she tried to escape the pool by entering a random host and tries to run off with Aftran, unfortunately she runs into Visser Three. Cassie immediately leaves the host body by jumping into the Yeerk pool and tries to morph into a osprey.

And lucky for her a slug Yeerk is completely blind, deaf and vulnerable!! So while she tries to fly out from the sluggish pool with wet feathers and at the same time is being attacked by morphed Visser Three.

She escapes with injuries but again luck has it while she was flying to the door way, an unsuspecting human controller opens the doorway to McD. She flies by and nearly dies by Dracon beams and while flying around the fast food joint someone felt pity for her and opens the door so she could fly out. Again, all this happens by sheer luck or perfect timing or coincidences!

Many many times if none of those happened on time, Cassie would have been trapped or killed in her solo mission. Now that is not all!!! She had brain surgery to take on next!! LOL Again this is bizarre beyond words. With Aftran's help, Cassie is able to remove the tumor and save Ax's life. Not that he is very happy about it!! But she did it anyway like one of those scenes from ER tv show.

Erek playing the helpful nurse and passing out "proper" medical tools LOL. So what happens to Aftran? She gets her wish to finally be free. She morphs into a whale and becomes a nothlit. These books have a way of ending abrubly!! I mean, I would have appreciated a lil bit of feedback on the aftermath of Cassie's solo mission and brain surgery drama. But no, it gives you too little aftermath reactions and ends the book just like that Jan 14, Ian rated it it was amazing Shelves: Best of the best This is one of my favorite books if not my favorite.

This books offers a lot, bit the best thing it does is it never let's up. Plenty of levity, but no filler. Jun 05, Katelynn rated it it was amazing Shelves: Cassie's not my favourite but when she comes through, she comes through.

Sometimes she can be really strong and I really admire her. Apr 03, Stephanie rated it really liked it Shelves: In this book, the intermingled story lines worked well together: Can you see where this is going? Yup, Cassie becomes the enemy. We also learn more about the Yeerk peace movement — which Aftran is a part of, hence why she would be interrogated by Visser Three.

I just wonder:I like that they think of bats but the exit part was a disaster I wonder how they go about getting a particular Yeerk for a particular host.

Not like we used to. I don't dislike Cassie, but she's probably one of my least favorite. Like, limbs ripped off, eyes gouged out, almost bitten in half died for real.