5th Edition Codex Tyranids Summary by: A - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Codex.' Tyranids is divided into the following segments, each ot which details a different .. HANG ED BID-WEÈPENS s h wam mm: pm_n-dùs 2+ „mw ¿MEL. Warhammer 40k 5th Edition Tyranid Codex - [Free] Warhammer 40k [PDF] [ EPUB] Warhammer 40, is a miniature wargame created by.

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I didn't make this, I'm just uploading the torrent here as well, since it was missing. Brand new 5th edition Tyranid codex As with my other books. the master of mankind by the space marines codex 5th edition pdf - wordpress - pdf warhammer 40k - codex 5th edition - Тёмные эльдар 1. If you need a warhammer 40k 5th edition tyranid codex, you can download them in pdf format from our pawnfacumapbma.ga file format that can be downloaded and.

But it makes up for that by having two extremely long ranged s10 ap3 heavy 8 that is not a typo, its rate of fire is twice as high than a god damned gatling cannon that spews out hundreds of rounds a second biocannons, gargantuan creature rules, a metric fuckton of claws, lash-whips, warp-fields, and some of the highest armor saves, toughness, wounds, and strength stats you have ever seen.

You thought the four uber-daemons were tough? You haven't seen shit, compared to this beastie those four are nothing. There is not a single non-apocalypse unit in any codex that this thing wouldn't eat for breakfast.

No matter what range it fights at, it will fuck something's shit up. It is however, an colossal firemagnet, even if he is nigh on impossible to kill. With regeneration, he is pretty much the ultimate damage sponge, the few things that do hurt him will simply be rolled away. Beware taking it against Dark Eldar , massed Poisoned shooting will fuck it's shit right up.

Harridan the Tyranid's flyer, it is for all intents and purposes, a fucking flying heirodule with the best of both versions it has the exact same bio-cannons as a Heirodule S10 Ap3 Heavy 6 but as a flyer, most things can't hit it, and it can pop open tanks with it's bio-cannons or it's claws and is one of the only Tyranid units that can deal with enemy flyers some people debate that it can actually assualt a flyer, tearing it's shit up.

It can carry four Gargoyle broods, but mainly you want this for the bio-cannons mounted on a extremely difficult to hit platform, though a trio of Harridans shitting out twelve full sized broods of Gargoyles right on top of someone is a hilarious way to drown someone in flyers. Due to its immensely powerful guns, only superheavy fliers have any chance of surviving being shot at by the bio-cannons and even then they're going to take a severe beating to their 1d3 structure points.

Warhammer 40k tyranids codex pdf

With it's gargoyle broods, it can fulfil three out of four major roles for fliers excellently, air superiority, ground attack, and bombing.

Malanthrope The result of a Venomthrope and a Zoanthrope's drunken one night stand. Not horrible but why aren't you getting bio-titans? It's an expensive points! This thing is a rape machine.

Dominatrix Remember that goofy looking Bio-titan in epic?

Well Forgeworld saw fit to create an actually pretty badass looking model. The biggest Synapse creature of them all and probably the biggest fire magnet the Tyranids have to offer. But on the same hand, it's the one thing in your arsenal that's even deadlier than the Heirophant. Dactylis The Hive Mind got sick of the bitching about the Tyranid's lack of pieplate dropping ability, so it took some biovores and dumped them in Nuclear Waste.

Yes it looks like a flower with a boner on top of it's head, yes it sucks at close combat, but you finally now have some serious ability to instagib blobs at a distance with FUCKHUEG sporemines. You get a large number of rounds to shoot out of the cannon, so it's your call really. Exorcine Remember the Hive Guard? Say hello to the Hive Guard's bigger, steroid abusing brother.

Essentially the Tyranid's shadowsword equivalent, the Exorcine can shoot an balls out devastating biocannon blast that can blow Titans apart, and if something gets close it can shit out a metric fuck ton of S4 AP 5 hits. It still needs protection from Dreadnought Equivalents who are at the same time too small to be worth firing the main gun at, while being tough enough to walk through it's close in defenses.

Note that copious amounts of Poisoned weapons are the bane of bio-titans, so armies like the Dark Eldar who typically spontaneously explode in apocalypse games are actually a legitimate threat to your units. Be wary of this, and unless you are confident that your smaller units are the real punch of your army, and not the bio-titans, be prepared to sacrifice other Tyranid units to keep your Bio-titans safe from poison.

As for fliers, in friendly games you can ask for your winged units to count as fliers in Apocalypse games, so that your Harridans won't be so lonely up there.

Flier rules greatly improve ranged Shrikes, Gargoyles, and Harpies, giving them badly needed ability to avoid being shot at by most units while also providing much needed low ish cost support against enemy fliers, sky-slashers are still garbage though. Dedicated Transport[ edit ] The Mycetic Spore: Essentially the Tyranid equivalent to a Space Marine drop pod except they can't carry independent characters or be dropped empty according to the FAQ , they're a way to drop a brood behind that defensive assault line standing in cover.

They are best used to carry Zoanthropes or the Doom of Malatai near to something that needs destroying or soul-sucking. Building Your Army[ edit ] The central power of Tyranids this edition is in swarms of units. Among the best performers for the army are Hormagaunts and the swarm-producing Tervigon, but Termagants armed with Devourers termed Devilgaunts by many in the community aren't half bad either with a bit of cover.

Thanks to Warriors being troops, it is possible to build an army with an elite focus as well, but the Tyranids don't take to such list building strategies as well as certain other armies do. This is mainly because hidden powerfists will put an end to Warriors in an eyeblink, preventing them from making safe assaults into any Space Marine unit toting one.

Unfortunately, armies with a great deal of attention to monstrous creatures will often find themselves fragile and horrifically outnumbered. A bit of number crunching reveals that, per point spent, a carnifex is not all that much more durable than a bunch of hormagaunts in cover, meaning that small arms are no less effective against them and heavy weapons are an unnecessary Achilles heel. Some of the newer monstrous creatures with six wounds, such as the Trygon, keep it together better but just can't do everything the army needs thanks to their high cost and few numbers.

General List Building - For the most part, Tyranids have very few options to choose from once they have selected the models they wish to use. For example, Hormagaunts have only two biomorph options: adrenal glands and toxin sacs, and the same is more or less the case for Termagants, Gargoyles, Trygons, Mawlocs, and several others plus or minus one or two biomorphs.

The strong point of the army is not in mutable units or myriad alterable roles this edition. Hence, the following is a list of the three most common biomorphs and their most prominent uses: Adrenal Glands - This biomorph grants Furious Charge to the model it is equipped to.

Its foremost use is increasing strength to better damage vehicles, but it also proves helpful for getting the first strike in melees; while marginally less useful against infantry than Toxin Sacs, when the two are used alongside each other, basic Tyranid infantry become among the deadliest anti-infantry in the game for a price, that is: it is often better to choose one biomorph or the other.

Regeneration - Typically expensive, this biomorph allows a model to roll one die for each wound it has currently sustained. On each roll of 6, a wound is recovered up to the model's maximum.

Though available to Carnifexes, Hive Tyrants, and Harpies, it is a choice that is most useful to six-wound models like Trygons or Tervigons. When placed on a Tyrannofex, the model becomes pointless to shoot at; after all the work it takes to wound one, it's completely demoralizing to watch it just recover the damage. However, it is usually quite costly to be putting on any model without crucial importance to the army as a whole. It is rather cheap on Tyranid Primes, though, and not so bad on Harpies, either.


Harpies - Harpies are flying Monstrous Creatures. To make the Harpy worth the investment, a Tyranid player must provide it with cover and provide enough immediate threats to make targeting the Harpy itself a less demanding proposition.

Role: The Harpy shoots, providing ranged support to the Tyranid army. Armed with its choice of Stinger Salvo or Cluster Spines and Stranglethorn Cannon or Heavy Venom Cannon, it can be tailored against infantry or modest tank suppression, typically preventing enemy armor from firing by scoring stunned and shaken results. Although they are not geared for close-combat, Harpies can provide secondary melee support if desired on account of being one of the few Tyranid models with Assault Grenades and on account of their special rule which halves the initiative of enemy units they charge.

Although this secondary role is more situational Tyranid models as a rule have some of the highest initiative-values in the game , against similarly high-initiative enemies like Eldar Harlequins, the results can be meaningful if properly pulled off. downloading Harpies: At lower-point levels, the Harpy isn't needed since the Elite anti-tank options are generally sufficient for dealing with enemy armor; at higher point-levels, more durable anti-tank firepower can be had in the Heavy Support slots.

What Harpies do is allow Tyranids a degree of flexibility, allowing them to more freely choose alternative slots in the Heavy Support or Elite slots. Hive Guard and Zoanthropes - The two foremost solutions to armored vehicles in the Tyranid codex, these models must appear in every Tyranid list that expects to encounter tanks or armored transports - and let's face it, tanks and armored transports are in almost every serious army list out there in 5th edition.

One is better for busting transports while the other handles heavy armor as if it were blasting retarded, wingless goslings with a twelve gauge shotgun; one shooting phase, one kill tends to be the normal for a full unit of either model.

Hive Guard and Zoanthropes are completely in their own league as far as anti-armor power is concerned, outclassing everything else in the codex by embarrassing miles. Zoanthropes do have some trouble dealing with Psychic Hoods, but that aside, it is usually wise to figure how many points are going to be spent on Hive Guard and Zoanthropes before adding any more units to the list.

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Tervigons and Termagants - The two models really must be addressed together when list building because one is as good as useless without the other in most cases. The Tervigon, which spawns 3D6 Termagants at the beginning of each phase until it rolls doubles, provides buffs to all gaunts within 6" of it. The buffs include Furious Charge and poison if adrenal glands and toxin sacs are equipped to the Tervigon respectively, and all gaunts within 6" of the Tervigon always have Counter-attack.

The only drawback is that, should the Tervigon die, nearby gaunts can take damage, but thanks to six wounds, a toughness of six, and a relatively non-threatening profile, Tervigons don't go down all that commonly.

Tervigons can also download a psychic ability to give an entire unit Feel No Pain, so in short summation, one Tervigon turns a unit of sniveling, weakling Termagants into a unit of half-decent combatants.

Furthermore, whenever Termagants are downloadd, a Tervigon can be included as a Troops selection, so there's honestly very little reason to ever take one without the other.

Role: Both models are Troops first, meaning they are best used to jealously hold objectives. A Tervigon can often be difficult to shake from a position it takes up, especially if it can find cover somehow, and as long as the Tervigon can continue to pump Termagants out onto the battlefield, there's never a shortage of bodies to claim ground. Unfortunately, neither unit boasts much overt power in general.

Tervigons have a shooting attack, but it's mild due to modest ballistic skill, and the same is true of Termagants. Also, despite potential boosts from Furious Charge, poison, and Counter-attack, Termagants are still not really all that great at fighting.

They can lash out opportunistically, but the buffs merely make them worth the effort, and returns diminish sharply in turns following a charge. Equipping Gaunts: Gaunts may have numerous potential weapons, but only two are worthy of consideration: fleshborers and devourers.

Spinefists, the third mainstay in the cold, are not more efficient at shooting than fleshborers, and because they are more expensive they are not to be minded for any reason. One in every ten Termagants can also take a S2 flamer that attacks enemy strength rather than toughness, but the cost of the gun is twice the base worth of a Termagant, so no luck there. Then there are also spike rifles, which are just spinefists with longer range, no AP, no twin-linking, and the same cost.

In contrast, devourers boast Assault 3, S4, and a leadership lowering special rule, all of which can be very potent at an expense of high fragility per point to the equipped models. Lastly, fleshborers are a cheap option that keeps Termagants expendable while still allowing them to pack a bit of punch against the rear armor of transports.

Trygons Role: The following calculations assume the download of Adrenal Glands; an upgrade which is highly recommended It slices, dices, and fries small infantry units, and a majority of vehicles. Even against enemy vehicles attaining Cruising Speed, the Trygon's weight of attacks and Scything Talons provides an almost chance of killing any rear-AV 10 vehicle the vast majority of vehicles in 40k ; these odds correspondingly increase against slower vehicles. Be it for a Tyranid Reserve army, or a horde, the Trygon acts as a linebreaker for the rest of the army.

Drawbacks: In most games, it will be impossible to find cover for the Trygon on account of its height. Compounded with its lack of an Invulnerable save and huge threat potential, it will be a high-priority target; a single Trygon emerging unsupported will die. The rules for Trygon Tunnels are near-worthless: Reserve-based armies generally wish to arrive at once rather than simply running into the slaughter piecemeal, and most Tyranid infantry units can download Mycetic spores for marginal costs.

An useful, yet expensive tactic for the use of Trygon Tunnel is playing a deep-striking Trygon with an unit of Termagant with Devourer to shoot S4 shots to enemy infantry, thought there could be several problems with it for example, Termagant coming in play before the Trygon.

This means that the Trygon works better with armies using Zoanthroapes as their primary anti-tank. As with other Tyranid Monstrous Creatures, the Trygon must be screened against assassin-type units, primary examples including Genestealer teams or the Librarian Furioso.

Upgrades: Adrenal Glands are a good choice for the Trygon. Being Fleet allows the Trygon more opportunity to fully take advantage of Furious Charge, the extra Initiative allows it to strike before Marines and more importantly, their Dreadnoughts , and the extra point of Strength makes it more adept at taking out enemy vehicles.

For the cost of two Termagants, it's a steal. For a fair increase in points, one can optionally upgrade the Trygon to a Prime. Depending on the build involved, having a Prime Deep Strike can make it a good "relay point" for armies relying on rapidly advancing into the enemy lines, or a way to deliver Shadow of the Warp into the enemy lines.

Regeneration is alright due to the Trygon's high wound count, but not necessary. Tactics[ edit ] Musical Wounds: The Tyranids have just a couple ways of pulling musical wounds tricks to exploit the wound allocation rules. The simplest is Warriors, who can add a Barbed Strangler into their unit for soaking up more wounds, allowing the brood to take five wounds before losing a model rather than three.

However, this is a pretty tepid way to abuse the rules, and there is a far better option. Assuming there are no other uses for the HQ slots and the heavy support slots aren't full, one can join two unique Tyranid Primes with cheap regeneration to a unit of two Carnifexes.

Technically speaking, it is possible to play musical wounds this way as well if using RAW which is religion to some players ; on page 49 of the rulebook, it is specifically outlines that independent characters who are also monstrous creatures can be targeted separately from the unit they are a part of, but there is nothing saying monstrous creatures can be targeted separately if their unit is joined by a non-monstrous independent character.

The spirit of the rules is clear, but there are plenty of people to whom the spirit of the game means nothing, and if you're one of those guys then this is a trick for thought. A similar trick can be pulled with a Hive Tyrant and a unit of Tyrant Guard simply in terms of gaining easy cover saves.

Tervigon Powers:The Tervigon gets Dominion for free, and can have its use in some builds, allowing your units to have a longer effective operational range.

As a rule though, it gets overshadowed by the other two powers. Onslaught allows the unit to Run and subsequently shoot, extending the effective threat range of many units as well as making it easier to attain sideshots on enemy armor, or maintain fire suppression as the Tyranid swarm advances on enemy tanklines. This ability can also turn the Tyrannofex into a fairly useful unit for softening up infantry in cover prior to your units assaulting, assuming there aren't better targets to shoot.

However, as a Psychic Shooting Attack, it precludes the Tervigon itself from firing, or declaring an assault. Catalyst tends to be more popular on its ability to bestow Feel No Pain to a nearby unit.

Swarm, Instinctive behavior - Feed, Fearless The brood may download: If the brood has to take an IB test and they Spinefists - 5pts per base fail, they suffer wounds equal to the difference Adrenal Glands - 4pts per base between their Ld and the result rolled, no AS Toxin sacs - 4pts per base Underground Swarm - 2pts per base the brood can deep strike. Rending Claws - 5pts per model The brood may replace their Devourers with: Beasts Special Rules: Rending Claws - 5pts per model The brood may download one of the following weapons: Spinefists - 5pts per model Devourer - 5pts per model Deathspitter - 10pts per model.

Jump Infantry Special Rules: Spinefists - 5pts per base Adrenal Glands - 4pts per base Toxin sacs - 4pts per base. Any rolls of 6 auto wound The brood may download: Monstrous creature Special rules: Once per game during the movement phase, choose an enemy unit the Harpy has flown over that turn, then resolve the a shooting attack with S4 AP4 Assault D3 Large Blast.

If a blast lands on open ground, place a Spore under the central hole and follow the rules for Spore Mine Clusters from there on May exchange Thorn Volley for Thorn Blast for free May replace Stranglethorn Cannon with: Twin-linked Heavy Venom Cannon - 10pts May download the following biomorphs: Living Bomb: Spore Mines are ignored for all mission objectives. They are not subject to IB, never go to ground, and never fall back.

At the start of the Tyranid movement phase, each cluster moves D6" in a direction determined by a scatter die if a hit is rolled, the Nid player chooses where they go. If the spores touch an enemy model, impassable terrain, or suffer a wound, place the center hole of a large blast marker over the model, and resolve it as a S4 Ap4 attack.

Spore mines that drift off the table or into friendly units are immediately removed from play. Orbital Deployment: Spore mines never deploy normally. Instead, after deployment zones are determined, but before models and placed, the spore mines deep strike onto the table. If they scatter into impassable terrain or off the table, they are destroyed.

Once the game starts, they move as in Living Bomb. Crushing Claws - 25pts per model If only one Carnifex is taken, it may download a Landing The brood may replace their scything talons with: For every hit in CC, he may make an extra attack. The extra attacks do not benefit from this rule Accelerated Regeneration: Once the Assault 12 Trygon arrives, place a marker the size of his base where May be upgraded to Trygon Prime for 40pts he lands.

Any Infantry no units with Wings coming in from May download the following biomorphs: Place the Adrenal Glands - 10pts unit within 6" of the hole, the unit may not move or Toxin Sacs - 10pts assault.

Weapons and biomorphs: As long as it's not locked in H2H, the Mawloc Adrenal Glands - 10pts can go back into reserve at any time in the movement Toxin Sacs - 10pts phase.

He will come back automatically next Regeneration - 25pts movement phase. He can not deep strike and reburrow in the same phase. Terror From the Deep: Instead, place a Large Blast Marker at the point where the Mawloc is entering play.

Each model under the template takes a S6 Ap2 hit. Vehicles are hit on rear armor. Surviving models are moved the minimum distance to the side of the template while retaining coherency. Units that were locked in combat must try to stay in B2B with enemy models, if not possible, place at least 1" apart. Any models that cannot be moved off the template are destroyed. Vehicles even if immobillized retain orientation when moved.

After everything has been moved, replace the template with the Mawloc. Thorax Swarm "Toxic? Power Weapon. A pair Pinning makes the enemy test on 3d6. Barbed Strangler 36" 4 5 Assault 1 Lash Whips: Re-roll 1 to-hit. Blast Rending Claws: A Uploaded by hivetyrant Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Warhammer 40k 'Leaked' 6th Ed. A Kindly Anon Version. Codex Adeptus Arbites for 6th Edition Warhammer 40, Jump to Page. Search inside document. Related Interests Infantry Nature Leisure.

Lukas James. Nath Fisher. Rk Lowder. Alexander McLaren. Instinctive Behavior: If a unit is not within Synapse range at the beginning of their movement phase, and not falling back or participating in H2H, they must take a Ld test. Pass: The unit acts as normal for the turn Fail: They revert to Instinctive Behavior, depending on type.

Lurkers: Unit may not move, must shoot at closest target. If no enemy units are in range or LOS, they Run for the nearest piece of cover. If already in terrain, they do nothing. Models within 12" of a Synapse Creature count as being within Synapse range and are Fearless.

Models within Synapse range do not have to test for Instinctive Behavior.You are the one side with absolutely no vehicles, in an edition that hates on monstrous creatures and makes vehicles god. For every point they fail by, the squad takes one wound and the DoM gains a wound up to a maximum of ten. Units automatically disembark after resolving Venom Cannon - 20pts DS.

A pair Pinning makes the enemy test on 3d6. Spore Mines are ignored for all mission objectives. Dedicated Transport[ edit ] The Mycetic Spore: Essentially the Tyranid equivalent to a Space Marine drop pod except they can't carry independent characters or be dropped empty according to the FAQ , they're a way to drop a brood behind that defensive assault line standing in cover.

It can be downright devastating: every shooting phase, including the Tyranid phase and the enemy's, all enemy units within 6" of the DoM must take a leadership test on 3D6. Fixed pin rule to Guard and Spore, and Tyrant powers Version 3. Terror From the Deep: The wings almost negate the cover bonus the Rippers get for being swarms.